The Yard House – Roseville

The Yard House breaks the “Non-Chain” rule, but the draw of 140 beers on tap was too powerful to resist! Located in the Fountains of Roseville, the Yard House is a perfect fit. The designers somehow managed to turn this former Smith & Hawkin’s store into a great looking restaurant with one of the biggest bars I’ve seen.

This place was packed, even though it was a Wednesday. If we didn’t have our early “re-con” team show up around 5, we would have been waiting for a good hour I think (thanks M&M!). The wait staff was really friendly, although most were new to the emerging craft beer craze, fortunately the RSB’s have done their beer homework. I need to mention, besides having an amazing selection of IPA’s, they had KilKenny. This is one our favorites, and really hard to find outside of Bermuda.

As for the Burgers? Really disappointing. We each had a different burger, but each had the same drawbacks – small patty, zero produce, and way over cooked! Not even sure why we were asked how we wanted them cooked? They all had the “Medium-rare” tooth-pick stuck in the bun, but each was cooked until gray and bland. A real shame, since I’ve never had a bad appetizer here. We will definitely be going back (I hear you KilKenny!) sticking to the appetizer menu will be key though, since there are 137 more beers to try.

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