The Shack

The ShackThe Shack is a modest “hole in the wall” restaurant on Folsom Blv. I can honestly say my first impression was not positive. The outdoor seating included plastic chairs and rickety tables. Fortunately for me, I learned long ago looks can be deceiving. Shortly after we seated our waiter took our drink order. The Ro-Sham-Burgers were impressed with the outstanding beer selection which included Green Flash, Hocker Schorr Oktoberfest, and a Belgian Import called Triple Karmeliet. After our first brew the substandard furniture suddenly became part ofThe Shacks charm and backyard ambiance.

Our burgers consisted of the classic bacon cheeseburger and a roasted pablano pepper and jack cheese burger which our waiter thankfully recommended. All three burgers were made to order and cooked to a perfect medium rare. When brought to our table, they were still piping hot, juicy and flavorful. The produce and bun were more than adequate complements to the patty. All in all, The Shack gets an A+ from me. They will definitely see me again.

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