The Hideaway

The Hideaway is a small bar in Curtis Park, and I think I’ve driven by this place a hundred times, and always assumed it was one of those dive bars that open at 6:30 am, but I was wrong. Yes, it’s a bar, complete with pool tables, juke box, and an eclectic mix of retro pinup-tattoo decor, but there’s a twist…great food.

The four us grabbed a booth and began looking over the menu. This was not your typical dive bar menu – Truffled Parmesan Fries, Paninis, and of course burgers. They had four burgers to choose from and they all sounded great. They even had a slider for the lil’ RoShammer.

You order at the bar, so don’t think they are ignoring you. While at the bar we checked out the beer selection, everything from Moose Drool to Lagunitas IPA, to PBR tall boys.

As for the burgers, we all liked them. They all arrived as an intimating stack dwarfing it’s surroundings. Everything was massive, the bun, onion rings, bacon, and pickles. Although, I felt like yelling “Where’s the beef?” The patty puck was almost lost in the base of the tower, but turns out that was just the right size, I think any larger, and it would have gone to waste. The fries were the thick-cut style, not usually RSB’s favorite, but these were deep fried so much that they were crispy like thin cuts.

We shall return, we need to rotate the burger selections, and there is still one burger that no one ordered – The Swiss with Hideaway gravy! Next time I drive by, I might stop to hang out on their back patio, not at 6;30 am though.

Rock & Roll

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Rock & Roll-bacon, lettuce, caramelized onion, gorgonzola, fried pickle, sun dried tomato aioli.

This was one really tall burger! Really tasty, came with a deep fried pickle in the middle of it, not pickle slices, but an entire pickle! The lettuce might have been in there, but I don't recall it though. The onions and the aioli moistened this monster too. As for the meat, it was cooked just above medium-rare.

The Firecracker

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The Firecracker -bacon, blue cheese, onion ring, potato chips, smothered with Sactuffalo sauce.

This was one spicy burger thanks to the Sactuffalo sauce. Mark wasn't able to put this down in fear of his mouth catching fire and risk unbalancing his beer-to-burger ratio. The potato chips acted as a salty substitue for the missing "crunch" of lettuce. Cooked perfectly medium-rare.

The Animal

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The Animal - bacon, cheddar, onion ring, bourbon root beer bbq sauce.

A Western Bacon Cheeseburger gone wild. The two onion rings made this the tallest burger at the table. Although full of flavor, the bbq sauce was only applied to bottom portion of the bun, leaving it a little dry. Cooked perfectly medium-rare.


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