Spin Burger Bar

The Ro Sham Burgers visited Spin, Sacramento‘s newest gourmet burger joint owned by the 33rd st, Bistro co..  The RSB’s were impressed with the quality beer selection(not diverse, just quality) which included Racer 5 IPA and the local Monkey Knife Fight.  Once we were all satisfied with our quenching beverage, we indulged ourselves with a unique twist on a Southern favorite(deep fried pickles).    The dill pickles came lightly battered and were accompanied with a delicious sriracha ranch dipping sauce.  Now that we were off to a fantastic start, it’s time to “talk burger.”  The usual was ordered, bacon and white cheddar cheese burger, as well as a bison burger.  All burger were ordered correctly…medium rare, of course.

Out of the six burgers ordered in our group, all but one burger was cooked perfectly.  I drew the short straw and received a medium-medium well burger.   The burgers came with an excellent house made special sauce and the patty was juicy with a slight punch to it.  The waiter told us they mix corned beef into the burger to add flavor(nice touch!).  Along with the burgers, thin cut french fries and onion rings were enjoyed.  Neither were unique or notable but both were good and worth ordering again.  Spin offers a unique  selection of burger and dipping sauces.   Our favorite was the sriracha ranch but others like the pomegranate ketchup peeked our curiosity.   While it was clear Spin hasn’t quite worked out all the kinks(no kids menu, paint bucket and tray sitting out), they still get our endorsement.  The wait staff was polite and accommodating(made a non-menu grilled cheese for my 2 year old), beverages met our expectation and standard, and the oh yeah… burgers were outstanding too.  We will be back to ride the stationary bike again.

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  • Lisa

    I like that they offer mac-n-cheese as a topping on your burger!
    Next time I’m going to try either the ostrich burger or lamb/italian sausage. Yum!

    • http://roshamburger.wordpress.com roshamburger

      I had the egg on my burger and it added some much needed moisture. It was an addition that I look forward to having again.