Pizza Rock

I know what you’re thinking…”Why would RSB go to a pizza place to review burgers?”  Well it’s an easy answer, Pizza Rock serves more than just great pizza!  Located at 1020 K st, downtown Sacramento, this place is very awesome!  From the dj booth in the sky (inside a Peterbilt truck cab hanging from the ceiling), to the extensive beer and wine selection and cocktails, a totally rockin sound system, a very spacious patio out front, to some of the friendliest staff that RSB has encountered.  We chose to sit out on the patio to enjoy the wonderful July weather we are having, and promptly started off with a Pizza Romana #II as an appetizer and it was Deeelicious!  We did wash that down with some quality beer! Next, it was on to the burgers, and WOW did we enjoy them.  We will be back for sure!

Calabrese Burger

What a great choice this one was!  Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, just how I like it.  The bun was lightly toasted, with perfectly crunchy bacon, cheddar cheese, covered with a spicy bbq sauce and chopped calabrese peppers made this burger bite back!  The spice was hot and very flavorful.  I would say definitely one of my favorite burgers to date!!! The fries are rosemary and sea salt garlic fries, a yummy addition!  Also a mention to our server Cassandra, "you did a great job and are very knowledgable of all of the menu choices".



Gorgonzola Burger

Oh man! This thing was rockin! About one of the juiciest burgers I've ever had. The gorgonzola bite was perfect. I don't recall the Pesto Mayo adding anything though. Cooked perfectly , medium-rare.

Kobe Beef, Gorgonzola Cheese, Pesto Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato

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    great food