Morgan’s Bar and Grill

The Ro Sham Burgers were at it again and this time we chose to patronize Morgan’s Bar and Grill in East Sac. on the corner of 34th and S. This locally owned watering hole boasts house made, slow cooked BBQ, quality hamburgers, and of course an ample selection of brew. I must say the RSB’s were surprised (in a good way) on several accounts during our visit.

First, their beer selection more than met our strict standards. Two beverages of choice were the Deschutes Brewing Companies “Mirror Pond Pale Ale” and Lagunitas “Lil’ Sumpin.” Both brews were refreshing and a excellent change-up from the standard go-to, Sierra Nevada. All in all the RSB’s give Morgan’s credit for having some variety on tap. Cheers!

Now, and most importantly, it’s time to talk burger. Morgan’s has a good selection of classic burgers that would meet the taste of anyone and any palate. The three burgers sampled were the BBQ Bacon, California, and Mushroom Swiss. Instead of rambling on and on about each individual burger, I’m just going to give you the cliff-note version since each burger shared many of the same positive characteristics. All three of the RSB’s noticed immediately that the burgers were cooked to order and noticeably juicy. In fact, they were so juicy and full of flavor they didn’t need condiments. The patty, which was more of a very thick puck, was accompanied by a large toasted bun and fresh produce. My burger, the mushroom swiss, was dee-lish. There was an ample amount of mushrooms and cheese. The BBQ bacon burger got two saucy thumbs up as well and it was noted that the sauce had just the right amount of kick to it. The California burger got excellent reviews as well but unfortunately the bun was a little hard and dry(otherwise an excellent burger). The cook even made a special “off the menu” mini-burger for the little Ro Shammer(which he devoured). Morgan’s offers an impressive array of sides to accompany your burger. We went with the garlic fries, standard onion rings and onion strings. All three were excellent other than a few too many shakes of the salt shaker on the garlic fries. Other choices included potato salad, slaw and green salad.

Outside of the excellent food, the service was outstanding. One of the owners/bartender took our order and did an excellent job of guiding us through the side options. She even opened up the pay to play pool table so my 2.5 year old son could be entertained. Now that’s customized quality service! All in all, Morgan’s Bar and Grill makes a quality burger deserving of the Ro Sham Burgers approval. Thanks for the good times Morgan’s! We’ll see you again soon.

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