Mini Burger Truck

It’s official, Sacramento has finally caught up to the trendy food craze of gourmet delectable mobile eats and fortuitously, burgers!  Mini Burger Truck shatters the old roach coach image and rolls in with a new age style of eating.  This quality meals on wheels concept has been highly successful and some would say infectious in Southern California for quite some time now, and has finally made it’s way up to the capital city.   Needless to say, the Ro Sham Burgers were anxious to try out this hip new way of dining/eating.

Since this is a mobile experience I feel obligated to mention the challenge of locating the truck.  The truck was actually quite easy to locate and was parked exactly where their website( said it would be.  Ordering process was also simple since the menu is set up like a basic flow chart and we had no trouble deciding what we wanted.  It became very clear to us that the owners put a great deal of thought into this and it paid off.  Service was very friendly and accommodating. 


 A variety of burgers were ordered so I will just comment of a few choice options.  I ordered the three mini-burger option with fries.  First burger was call the Cowbell( bacon, pepperjack, onion straws, bbq sauce and lettuce).  Second burger was called Da Philly(grilled onions, mushrooms, garlic and provalone).  The third burger and clearly the star of the show was the Ninja(asian slaw, pea shoots, jalapeno, lotus chips and sriracha aioli).  The Ninja was bursting with unique flavors and the jalapeno heat was cut by the asian slaw. This was by far and away my favorite of the three burgers.   All three burgers were  juicy, flavorful and perfectly cooked to an ideal medium rare(of course).  I could go on and on raving about each burger and why each burgers toppings complemented each other, but I won’t.  You’ll just have to trust that the Ro Sham Burgers taste the truth, and the truth is… each burger was outstanding in it’s own right and worthy of any burger appreciating taste bud.   I do want to note that the fresh cut fries were good, but not great.  I thought they lacked crisp and were exceedingly oily. 

My only negative critique would be the obvious, no beer and no seating area.  Standing on a curb eating three mini burgers is not the most comfortable way to eat a delicious meal.  My advice is to come prepared to either take it home where  proper adult beverages are, bring a folding chair or eat in your car.  It’s safe to say, any option you choose when visiting the Mini Burger Truck will be burgerlicious.  The Ro Sham Burgers will be seeing the MBT again.  For sure!


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  • SacForums

    I’ve been able to catch up with the Mini Burger Truck a couple times and both times ordered a three pack for myself, consisting of The OG, Da Philly & a CowBell. I couldn’t have just one style as they’re all so good, and haven’t been brave enough to try the Ninja yet ;)

    • Dirk Digburgler

      Don’t be affraid of the Ninja. It’s an outstanding burger. When I eat there again I’ll be ordering 2 Ninja’s and a Cowbell.