AHHHHH the Limelight.  For many(including myself), the limelight wreaks of college nostalgia including immature drunken debauchery and cheap beer.   I can’t even remember if they served food back then let alone burgers.  Fortunately for the RSB’s our burger radar is always on and we picked up a strong burger signal coming from the Limelight on Alhambra Boulevard.
 The Limelight is a unique mixture of classic long rail bar w/ pool tables, restaraunt, and hip card room.  As we entered we seated ourselves and we were quickly greeted by our waitress.  Before looking at the menu, a pitcher of Lagunitas IPA was ordered and enjoyed.   Immediately upon opening the menu, it was clear that the Limelight was no longer just a late-night college bar.  It now boasts a creative menu with a variety of foods that would appease any palate including multiple burger options/creative toppings which included the standard toppings plus pastrami, pepperoni, poblano chili, red pepper).    Before we get to the burger reviews, it is important to note the quality service we received.  Not only was our waitress loaded with personality and quick wit, she was also quite knowledgeable of the menu and helped guide us through the burger options and sides.   Needless to say she hit a home run with each of her recommendations.   Now its time for the burger reviews:

Green Chili and Jack Burger(The Special)

My burger of choice was the green chili burger.  It was a delicious combination of green chili's jack cheese and a chipotle dressing to top it off.  My burger was cooked slightly over medium rare but still slightly pink in the middle.  Despite the marginal error on the patty, it was still very juicy and flavorful.  The bun and produce were of high quality and all flavors within the burger complemented each other.  To make my review short and sweet, this was an outstanding burger and I have to say it rivals any of the quality burgers we've tasted in Sacramento thus far.  Limelight not only has quality brews, it also has an amazing Green chili burger.  DEEEE-LISH!

Turkey Burger (That's Right!)

This is a First for RSB to allow a Turkey Burger to be ordered.  Thankfully, the burger did not disappoint, in fact it was delicious!  Topped with pepperjack cheese and fresh produce, the patty was perfectly seasoned and moist.  I would definitely recommend this!

Control Burger

Sometimes you gotta go with the basics to get a real understanding of the chef's "skillz at the grillz". The bacon cheeseburger was perfect. Not only was it cooked medium-rare, but the produce, bun, and bacon were great too. I would definitely recommend this burger again.

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