Flaming Grill

Flaming Grill Guys
Love the Flaming Grill! We each had the Kobe 1/2 pound, bacon cheddar. Delicious. Although the waitress recommended it medium, saying that it would come out still pink because of the quality of meat, it didn’t. Should have went with medium-rare as usual. Damn, guess I’ll have to go back again. But I might wanna try the bison next time.

Another bonus is the beer selection. Pliny the Elder and Stone Ruination on tap, all available in frosty litre glasses, javol!

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Flaming Grill Cafe
2319 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95821-5610
(916) 359-0840

Flaming Grill Burger

Flaming Grill Burger

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  • Brad Sanborn

    You forgot to mention that you can order the Wild Boar patty deep fried and served with bacon! The onion strings (yes, not rings) and fries can also be served garlic or flaming hot style. Love this place.

  • Mark

    Awesome burger, just slightly overcooked, but the Ruination Ale helped!

  • Lance

    Loved flaming grill!

  • Doosh McGuilicutty

    In deed