I had never heard of Gatsby’s, but that’s why we RoShamBurger – to discover new places. Looking at their website, I gained little info, other than its loose ties to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby by way of roaring 20′s inspired art.

Entering the diner, it wreaked of burgers (which is a good thing). I soon discovered why, in the middle of the dining area were two teppan grills normally reserved for Beni Hanna’s and the like. But instead of flipping shrimp into chef hats, they were cooking burgers to order on the large griddles.

Immediately, we all ordered the control burger, bacon cheeseburger, but this time with a twist, brussels sprouts (I know, gross). Giving the chef the benefit of the doubt, I put my prejudices aside, besides, everything tastes good with bacon on it. We each ordered a beer and a plate of home made chips for the table. As for the chips, they weren’t that good. The plain ones were the best, the sour cream version had way too much dill, and the BBQ version was too powdery.

While munching on our chips, the burger show began. Firing up the griddle near us, the chef-tress began grilling, and searing, and melting. We all ordered medium-rare of course, so the grill-time wasn’t very long at all. Once the burgers arrived at our table, we were all pleased. Judging by looks, this was gonna be good, but what about those brussel sprouts lurking in the mix. Waiting a few minutes for all the juices to settle, we all cut our burgers in half, and each one was cooked perfect, some might say too rare, but not us. Upon first bight, tasty! Super juicy, aided by the sherry mayonnaise and fresh tomato. As for the brussel sprouts, hardly noticed them. They were shredded and mixed in with the cheese, so it provided a slightly more “green” taste if you will. The fries were delicious too.

Going back? I think so. The restaurant is located in a strange strip mall, on the corner of Fulton and Alta-Arden, so not exactly convenient for anyone, but definitely worth the trip. As a bonus, the featured burger is constantly changing. The burger reviewed here is no longer offered, but in it’s place is something described as a “Blood Orange Burger” –  can’t be half bad, it has bacon!

Get there while you can. We’ve learned that Guy Feiri was here recently, so once his show airs, the loyal masses will invade.

Gatsby’s Diner

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  • Tim Murphy

    One of the best burgers in Sacramento, hands down.

  • Jessica Esperanza

    Just tried out Gatsbys for the first time a few weeks ago and had the blood orange burger which I liked, a bit drippy but that’s never bad. Also, our waitress said that their meat has never seen the inside of a freezer, and that mnay ingredients are sourced locally. This put them up a point in my book. Thanks for all the recommendations.

  • Dirk Digburgers

    Loved Gatsby’s! Only wish they had a better beer selection.