Formoli’s: Part Deux

Twas the end of the year celebration. This was to be the grand-daddy of all RoShamBurger reviews. Our hearts and minds full of anticipation for one the of most revered burgers in RSB history. All depleted with one bite.

Our previous visit to Formoli’s was in their smaller location at 34th and J, this time it was in their new larger digs at 39th and J, due to some clever swapping negotiations with Ganuls. Good for them, they desrved to grow their business, unfortunately it seems to have compromised their quality. Perhaps the chef had to call in for some line-cooks to handle the load. Seems they couldn’t keep up with his original vision though.

The original location was small, the new location is much larger, and much fancier. Anyway, back to the main reason for the write-up…the Whiskey Burger.

Well, to be blunt, it sucked. The menu description is amazing, home ground mixture of sirloin and chuck, a spicy aoili, served on a ciabatta bun. Here’s the break down:

  • Meat was bland. Burger was cooked medium-well, asked for medium rare – all 3 of us. Why kill the flavor by overcooking it?
  • Spicy aioli was ridiculously hot. We can handle spice, but this was stupid.
  • Bun, the only shining star. Lightly toasted, and very fresh. These are actually provided by Bella Bru.

OK, to be fair this restaurant seems like it has transformed from a bistro that also served a really good burger, to an upscale neighborhood restaurant with a burger to satisfy the unsophisticated palette.  BUT, our lady friends had non-burger meals, and left very disappointed.

Farewell Formolis.

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