Formoli’s Bistro

Roshamburger’s most recent visit was to a nice little Bistro located in Midtown Sacramento on J St. Our burger decision was made easy since their menu only has one burger on it, the Whiskey Burger. The patty is a mixture of Ground Chuck and Ground Sirloin with some “secret ingredients”, we were told.  The burger came out cooked exactly as ordered, topped with butter lettuce, grilled Ciabatta bun, and dripping with cheese and their spicy aioli spread, it tasted as great as it looked and was a very large helping of meat. The sweet potato fries were tasty but very mushy, no fault of the chef, they just don’t crisp in my experience.  Loved all of the flavors on the burger, a little let down by only 3 beer choices, but overall a great meal.  I almost forgot to mention the fact that they did accomodate our little Roshammer with a pair of grilled cheese sliders and sweet potato fries.  Would definitely recommend this place!!

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