Ford’s Real Hamburgers

Ford’s Real Hamburgers is the latest stop on the Burger Tour-de-Sacramento. This is one of the most anticipated burger joints for me. It has a strong following amongst local burger experts and recognized on many occasions as “Sacramento’s Best Burger.” As always, the Ro Sham Burgers had done some recon. The only beef patrons seemed to have of this place is the inconsistent hours they keep. Unfortunately for us, we became victims of exactly what others have experienced. Their hours posted on their window were clearly stated 10am-7pm. We knew this going in so we were there by 5:30. Unfortunately, for us and many other hungry patrons, we were not so proudly greeted with a sign that said closed for dinner(no reason given). Needless to say, that night our plans took us to their competition.

Fortunately for Ford’s, the Ro Sam Burgers don’t give up easily. So… we tried again and they were open. All three of us ordered the control burger(bacon cheese) medium rare of course. The only variation ordered was third pound patty vs. the half pounder. I was feeling extra hungry so I went with the half pounder and upon burger arrival, I immediately wished I had ordered the smaller patty. The burgers looked phenomenal, thick cut shredded lettuce, red onion, two ripe tomatoes, and some kind of special sauce on a homemade bun that was the perfect size for the patty. The burgers were juicy and flavorful. The fresh bun, which normally is unnoticed, was an excellent complement to the high quality beef used. My only complaint in regard to the burgers is they were over cooked. Mine was WELL DONE(total disgrace), and the other two were medium to medium well. With that being said, the burgers were still excellent and the special sauce helped to add much needed moisture. When I visit again, and I will, I plan to order my burger rare to compensate for their over cooking. We also ordered sides worth noting. – Onion rings were excellent, however the spicy dipping sauce was spicy just for the sake of spicy(no complementary flavor) -Shakes were outstanding, made thick and per order. This was a big hit with my 2 year old. -Fries… nothing special or unique to note. All in all, despite their random closings, accidental well-done burgers, and
no beer
, there is good reason Ford’s is recognized for local excellence.

Ford’s Real Hamburgers

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