Dad’s Kitchen

Word on the burger street was that Dad’s Kitchen serves a mean burger and offers some good beer to wash it down with. So of course, we had to patronize the Curtis Park neighborhood restaurant. Without disappointment , Dad’s had a wonderful family owned eclectic atmosphere which included a inviting outdoor seating area. The menu included several excellent burger choices including a veggie burger(seriously). Dad’s offers a variety of quality microbrews that changes regularly. We chose to wash our burgers down with a pitcher of Sierra Nevada’s hoppy Torpedo. Before the burgers are even ordered, we were already impressed with the service, quality of beverage offerings and most importantly… pitchers! Needless to say our visit got off to an outstanding start.

All three of us ordered the Dad’s Burger medium rare(duh) with fries. The Dad’s burger was recently featured on Guy Fiery’s Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives which is why we didn’t take long to decide what to order. Needless to say, Dad’s Burger did not disappoint. All three burgers were juicy flavorful and cooked to a perfect medium rare. The true star of this burger was the bacon and blue cheese crust/topping which provided a unique(in a good way) texture as well as outstanding flavor. Another flavorful twist was the aleppo chile spread. If you like to bite into a burger that might bite you back, this is the burger for you. But really, it had a nice chili flavor with a slightly spicy finish to it. However, if you want to kick it up a notch on the spice meeter the RSB’s recommend the blue cheese-habanero fries. They are right on the edge of delicious and ouch. Their fries are fresh, crispy and very thick cut(not wedges). Although we prefer thin cut fries, these are about as good as thick cut fries can get and we appreciated the sea salt(nice touch Dad’s!).

All and all, the RoShamBurgers were very satisfied with our meal and experience at Dad’s Kitchen. The burger was deliciously original, the beer selection met our standards and the service was outstanding. Next time and there will definitely be a next time, we plan to wait and sit outside. Thanks for a great burger experience Dad’s!

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