Clubhouse 56

The Ro Sham Burgers decided it was time to do a little  multi-tasking.  With the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Giants and A’s  games all going on at the same time, patronizing a local sports bar that is well known for its awesome burgers and brew became the obvious choice.  Clubhouse 56 had been on our burger radar for quite some time now and this night was the perfect opportunity for us to check out this neighborhood watering hole and eatery.

Clubhouse 56 is a locally owned sports bar located in East Sac. on 56th street.  Before I get to the food review we want to complement Jimmy(our waiter and part-owner) for his outstanding service.  It is a rarity in this day and age to have the owner out on the front lines breaking a sweat, shaking hands, telling jokes and smiling the whole time.  It was apparent that Jimmy and his partner love what they do and their many regular customers keep coming back not just because the beer is cold and the food is great, but because the owners are truly happy to have you as a guest in their home away from home.

The menu boasted four and a half burgers.  The half burger is something called a Vegi Deluxe and since none of the Ro Sham Burgers can even fathom a burger without meat  it only gets half credit.  As for the true burger options, Clubhouse 56 offered a Blue Burger, Shroom Burger, Classic, and their signature Whiskey 56.  All three of us couldn’t resist the Whiskey 56 because it came with house made BBQ sauce, onion rings and bacon.  We ordered it the only way it should be, medium rare.  The only variation to the three burgers was that I went with onion rings instead of fries.  Our brews of choice were Racer 5 and Negro Modelo.  Upon burger arrival, we were impressed that they arrived piping hot, and I mean right of the grill hot.  The burger arrived on a open faced ciabatta roll garnished with mixed greens, tomato and a pickle.  As we eagerly cut into our burgers all three of us were immediately disappointed when we noticed our medium rare burgers were all cooked to an unfortunate medium well.   In true Ro Sham Burger fashion, we quickly shook off the initial overcooked downer and remained positive.   It’s a good thing we did too because as we bit into the Whiskey burger our taste buds were greeted with a fantastic combination of complimentary flavors.   Between the bacon, cheese, onion rings, tomato and the delicious house made whiskey sauce, the overcooked patty was hardly notice and the burger was enjoyed(actually devoured) regardless. The homemade whiskey sauce was a the true star of the show  it had an excellent combination of tang, sweet and spice(perfect for a burger).  Our only critique is a little whiskey sauce goes a long way.  Too much can overpower the the rest of the complementary toppings.

All in all the Ro Sham Burgers were quite impressed with the burger and we would definitely go back to try the shroom or blue burger.  Only hopeful RSB suggestion is to increase their draft selection to include more micro brews.   Nice work Clubhouse 56!   We’ll be seeing you again.  Thanks Jimmy.

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