Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Company

RoShamBro’s are at it again. This time we went to a place in downtown Sacramento called Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Company. We’ve heard that this place has good beer and great mixed drinks and that they change their burger every night, sounds like a place we may be checking out more than once. So as we arrived, we sat at the bar to enjoy a brew before we were seated at the patio. (which was decorated very “recycled eclectic”) Reclaimed wood pallets for walls and rain gutters for planters were a nice touch! Now on to the burger!

All three of us ordered the burger of the night cooked medium rare, which happened to be a hot one… Habanero Jack cheese over a secret mixture of beef (i’m guessing somewhere close to 80%-20%) with bacon on top, and the perfectly toasted bun slathered with jalapeño aioli. Top that with some of the spiciest red peppers I’ve ever tasted. Then add some arugula because this delicacy is not yet spicy enough. In a word, it was Freaking Hot (ok 2 words). However, even though it was hot, I still give them an A+ for nailing the burger they were going for! Also for nailing the medium-rare on all 3 burgers! Definitely a must try. We will be going back.photo

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RoShamBurger was at it again and this time we went to BARWEST on Jst.   This place has quickly established itself as a popular starting spot in the Sacramento bar scene.

When we sat down we were immediately greeted and our waitress took our drink orders.  We were pleasantly surprised by thier selection of brews on tap.  I went with Rubicon’s Monkey Knife Fight and my RSB counterparts ordered a Racer 5.

After looking at the menu, we were salivating while reading the burger options which ranged from the classic cheeseburger to the bbq burger.   I went with the server’s mushroom burger suggestion and the other burgers ordered were the classic cheese and the control burger(bacon cheese).    Normally, I would break each burger down individually for you but in this case it’s not necessary.   All burgers had a similar quality and taste.  Each burger was juicy and flavorful with a perfect soft buttery bun.  There was an ample amount of quality cheese and the produce was excellent as well.   Barwest puts a “special sauce” on their burgers which added to the character of the burger.  Needless to say, the RoShamBurgers were very satisfied with our meal and would definitely recommend BARWEST for a future burger stop.  The only “beef” we had with our meal, and I must say a bit perplexing too, is that they boast ”Creekstone angus beef” and  their patty’s are “ground fresh daily,” yet they won’t cook it medium rare…  they only cook it medium – well.  If their beef is of the quality and freshness they are selling it to be, then why not medium rare?

On a side note, we also had the onion rings.  They were fantastic.  Crispy, juicy, salty, and an excellent dipping sauce.  I highly reccommend the rings as a starter.  All in all, Barwest held up to RSB’s high standards.

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Samuel Horne’s Tavern

Samuel Horne’s Tavern is a quaint watering hole in the heart of Old Folsom that boasts a wide variety of  revolving craft brews on tap(16 to be exact) and quality food.    When first entering, I immediately became slightly cramped due to the modest size of the the tavern itself.  However, as I became acclimated to the surroundings my need for more space dissipated and I became part of the enjoyable enteractive environment that only a small local tavern can provide.   Due to the outstanding variety of brews available, I will not mention all of what each of us quenched our thirst with, but Pliney the Elder was our first choice.    On this RSB adventure we ordered two different burgers.  One was the Johnny Cash Burger and the other was a burger called the J.T. Deluxe.  The Johnny Cash burger had bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions and a bourbon-espresso redeye sauce(aka- bbq sauce).  The J.T. Deluxe came with bacon, blue cheese, grilled onions and a fantastic red pepper remoulade.  Each burger was accompanied with good quality produce and a soft bun.  Unfortunately for us, and our taste-buds, all three burgers were sinfully overcooked to a solid medium-well(a true crime in our book) which prevented these burgers from reaching their true star potential.  Despite the overcooked burgers, Samuel Horne’s Tavern is well worth the trip for the quality brews alone.  And since the RSB’s are a very forgiving lot, we plan to be back soon in search of the oddly elusive medium rare burger.  Cheers!

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We travelled to Roseville to try a new location we’d heard about – Ginger’s. It’s located in a strip mall near North Sunrise and Roseville Parkway. At first glance, you might think you’re in Island’s, with everything being covered in thatch grass, surfboards clinging to walls, and Hawaiian shirts abound. I like a good theme, but since there’s not a beach within 90 miles of Roseville, I’m assuming the decor is to make you feel like you’re there – well sort of.

As for the menu, it’s expansive! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, they even have a brunch. Luckily, we skipped right ahead to the burger section. With 13 burgers to choose from, even that took some pondering, luckily they had Sierra Nevada on tap to make the decision making easier.

Between the three of us, we each had a different burger:

  1. Blue Lagoon Burger (Bacon, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc.)
  2. Pepper Jack, Cusabi Ranch Burger (Pepper jack, bacon, onion ring, Wasabi-Ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato, etc.)
  3. Teriyaki Pineapple Mushroom, Swiss Burger (name says it all)
All of our burger were good, and actually cooked pretty well, I mean Medium -Rare. The buns were really good, but again, three different options, Signature, wheat, or sesame; stick with the Signature bun, light and airy, no need for the others I think. I like that Ginger’s offered some unique sauces and burger choices, you could even up-size any burger from 1/3 to 1/2 pounder. The fries were crispy and thin-cut, but the onion rings were way better. We each would have had another beer, but our waitress disappeared after dropping off our burgers, she probably went surfing or something.
All-in-all Ginger’s has great burgers. Really juicy and flavorful, all the produce is fresh and stacked high. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.
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Cafe’ Capricho

The RSB’s have have often taken flavor and medical risks the average burger lover cowers to, but I have to say this may have been the ultimate burger risk.   “How…,” “Why…,” “Are you guys crazy…?” All are excellent questions and I must confess we were questioning ourselves on this great taste adventure as well.  Sure we’ve eaten Kangaroo, lion, emu, buffalo, but one thing we’ve never had until our epic visit was a burger at a Mexican tacqueria.  I know, crazy huh!   Truth is one of our nacho loving friends gave us a burger tip and recommended Cafe’ Capricho.  Needless to say, our burger curiosity was peaked and thats all it took.  We had to go and taste it for ourselves.    Believe it or not Cafe’ Capricho offered a respectable four burgers, onion rings, and three different types of fries.  The environment is that of a traditional Tacqueria.  We ordered up front at a counter and were given a number to put on our self-seated table.   Service staff was very friendly and helpful.  The predictable mexican beers were offered on draft and they had several bottled beers to choose from including an RSB favorite, Lagunitas IPA.

Bacon Blue, Avocado

I ordered the Bacon, blue cheese, avocado, and caramelized onion burger.   I made one alteration and asked for fresh red onion instead of caramelized.  They gladly obliged.  Although the girl at the registered didn't ask how I wanted my burger cooked, I asked for it to be cooked medium rare. I also ordered the chili oil and blue cheese fries as well.   My burger was cooked to perfection, and it had good quality bacon as well as a half of an avocado on top.  Believe it or not, this taqueria is on my top five favorite burger spots this far.  Only knock is that the bleu cheese fries were hot but lacked flavor.  BTW- not only was my burger fantastic, it was a bargain at $5.95.  If you love good burgers and the smell of cilantro and refried beans, this is the place for you!

Jack Burger with Bacon

Cafe Caprichio Bacon AvoI went to the counter with every intention of ordering a cheeseburger and adding bacon to it. But it was suggested to me that I order the Jack Burger with Bacon, hold the Jack, substitute it for cheddar, hold the jalapeños and red onions, then swap the special mayo for regular mayo...Yay, I saved a $1.30!

When my burger did finally arrive, I was greeted with a mound of avocado, way more than the $1.30's worth I saved on bacon. Then my fellow RSB's asked how it was cooked. With the rush of changes, I forgot to order it medium-rare.  Oh no! Despite being overcooked, my burger was delicious. The amount of fresh produce was amazing, the bun was slightly toasted, but the meat was dried out...my bad.

Next time, I'll keep it simple. Or better yet Cafe Caprichio, how 'bout putting a bacon chee burger on the menu?

Another Jack Burger w/Bacon and Avocado

I ordered mine with jalapenos on the side, and asked for medium rare. I received exactly what I ordered and then some! The huge mound of avocado is an awesome compliment to a perfectly cooked burger. Bacon was crisp, bun was nicely toasted, tomato was ripe and juicy, lettuce was crisp! Burger was awesome. The onion rings were great, the fries lacked some flavor.  Overall great service and Lagunitas IPA in the bottle, I'm sure we will be back soon.


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AHHHHH the Limelight.  For many(including myself), the limelight wreaks of college nostalgia including immature drunken debauchery and cheap beer.   I can’t even remember if they served food back then let alone burgers.  Fortunately for the RSB’s our burger radar is always on and we picked up a strong burger signal coming from the Limelight on Alhambra Boulevard.
Read More, see photos→

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The Hideaway

The Hideaway is a small bar in Curtis Park, and I think I’ve driven by this place a hundred times, and always assumed it was one of those dive bars that open at 6:30 am, but I was wrong. Yes, it’s a bar, complete with pool tables, juke box, and an eclectic mix of retro pinup-tattoo decor, but there’s a twist…great food. Read More, see photos→

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de Vere’s Irish Pub

Firestone Burger

Happy National Burger Month to all of our burger-loving friends.  RoShamBurger’s latest stop was at a great little Pub in downtown Sacramento located at 1521 L Street, that is owned and operated by the de Vere family.  I would like to thank them for the great job they have done bringing a touch of Ireland to Sacramento.  Great people, great service, great burgers and also great beers!

In honor of National Burger Month, de Vere’s is featuring a different burger each week.  When we visited, 2 of us chose the featured burger. The Firestone Burger, which started with pork infused ground beef cooked in Firestone DBA, was accompanied by smoked goat cheese, salt and pepper arugula, fried onions, balsamic vinegar chalots, and topped with bacon.  All I can say is, YUM!  The flavors were a great combination, along with being cooked to a perfect medium-rare.  The 3rd burger in our group was the tried-and-true control burger (bacon and cheese) with crispy bacon and Dubliner Irish Cheddar Cheese.  This burger also cooked to a perfect medium-rare did not disappoint in the flavor department.

To wash down all this great taste were some great beers on tap!



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Fanny Ann’s Saloon

 The RSB guys were ready for another burger, so we decided to head to Old Sacramento to try the “World Famous Burgers” at Fanny Ann’s Saloon, a unique 5-story old-world style saloon with some very interesting decorations, and also a game room complete with shooting games and pinball machines.  Upon entering the saloon at street level, which is actually the 3rd of the 5 stories, you walk to the back, to the kitchen window to place your order from the extensive burger selection.  I ordered the Pastrami Burger which was outside the box for me. It was very tasty, a little overcooked but I wasn’t asked how I wanted it cooked either.  The other orders included an Island Burger (aka teriyaki burger complete with slice of pineapple), a Big Papa Burger (topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion ring and bar-be-que sauce), and last, but not least, our RSB control burger (bacon & cheddar).  All burgers turned out to be overcooked, but still very tasty.  

After ordering, the next step is to find a place to sit.  With a bar on almost every level, there is not really a bad seat in the house, especially since they have many booths and tables located on all 5 levels. 

As far as refreshment, they have Sierra Nevada on tap, they also have Black Diamond IPA, and happy hour was $1-off draft beer and $1 you call it shots.  Cool deal!

Just a little note, if you’ve never been to Old Sacramento, or it’s been a long time since you were there last, take some quarters with you to pay for parking in the old style meters.  I hear parking tickets in Sacramento have gone up quite a bit.

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Dad’s Kitchen

Word on the burger street was that Dad’s Kitchen serves a mean burger and offers some good beer to wash it down with. So of course, we had to patronize the Curtis Park neighborhood restaurant. Without disappointment , Dad’s had a wonderful family owned eclectic atmosphere which included a inviting outdoor seating area. The menu included several excellent burger choices including a veggie burger(seriously). Dad’s offers a variety of quality microbrews that changes regularly. We chose to wash our burgers down with a pitcher of Sierra Nevada’s hoppy Torpedo. Before the burgers are even ordered, we were already impressed with the service, quality of beverage offerings and most importantly… pitchers! Needless to say our visit got off to an outstanding start.
Read More, see photos→

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Flaming Grill (this time…with the girls)

Roshamburger liked The Flaming Grill the first time so we decided to give them another visit, this time we took the women with us.  There were 6 adults and 1 child.  This review is going to be a little different in the way it’s written because each adult is going to write about their own burger experience. I (Mark) will get us started, my Bacon Avocado Sirloin Burger was cooked to perfection, the fries were great and I tried some different beers tonight since they are trying to clear out for some new kegs on the way.  My girlfriend had the ‘Sourdough Melt’ and the beer sampler, with a BPA, Shugga, Nut Brown and something crazy called the Hairy Eyeball!  The patty melt came with 1/3lb. sirloin, grilled onions & mushrooms and she had them throw on some tomato to boot and upgraded her fries to cheese fries.

Read More, see photos→

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Formoli’s Bistro

Roshamburger’s most recent visit was to a nice little Bistro located in Midtown Sacramento on J St. Our burger decision was made easy since their menu only has one burger on it, the Whiskey Burger. The patty is a mixture of Ground Chuck and Ground Sirloin with some “secret ingredients”, we were told.  The burger came out cooked exactly as ordered, topped with butter lettuce, grilled Ciabatta bun, and dripping with cheese and their spicy aioli spread, it tasted as great as it looked and was a very large helping of meat.  Read More, see photos→

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Rubicon Brewing Company

What could go wrong? Brews. Burgers. Something else that starts with a “B” (…I got nothing).  OK, maybe our waitress wasn’t a fan of the beers she was slinging, but I won’t hold that against her. I’ve been to the Rubicon numerous times, and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed, and others must feel the same way, because it’s always packed.

So, the RoShamBro’s headed out last night, and although I knew what to expect, I had to put my burger critic hat on. After looking over the menu for what must have been 20-30 seconds, we all decided on the Rubi-Q Burger – topped with cheddar, applewood bacon, an onion ring, & BBQ sauce. Although this is a little beyond our usual “control” burger, we all felt it was the right thing to do. Read More, see photos→

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The Shack

The ShackThe Shack is a modest “hole in the wall” restaurant on Folsom Blv. I can honestly say my first impression was not positive. The outdoor seating included plastic chairs and rickety tables. Fortunately for me, I learned long ago looks can be deceiving. Shortly after we seated our waiter took our drink order. The Ro-Sham-Burgers were impressed with the outstanding beer selection which included Green Flash, Hocker Schorr Oktoberfest, and a Belgian Import called Triple Karmeliet. After our first brew the substandard furniture suddenly became part ofThe Shacks charm and backyard ambiance.
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