Stone Brewing

The Yard House – Roseville

The Yard House breaks the “Non-Chain” rule, but the draw of 140 beers on tap was too powerful to resist! Located in the Fountains of Roseville, the Yard House is a perfect fit. The designers somehow managed to turn this former Smith & Hawkin’s store into a great looking restaurant with one of the biggest bars I’ve seen. Read More, see photos→

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Flaming Grill

Flaming Grill Guys
Love the Flaming Grill! We each had the Kobe 1/2 pound, bacon cheddar. Delicious. Although the waitress recommended it medium, saying that it would come out still pink because of the quality of meat, it didn’t. Should have went with medium-rare as usual. Damn, guess I’ll have to go back again. But I might wanna try the bison next time.

Another bonus is the beer selection. Pliny the Elder and Stone Ruination on tap, all available in frosty litre glasses, javol!
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