The Yard House – Roseville

The Yard House breaks the “Non-Chain” rule, but the draw of 140 beers on tap was too powerful to resist! Located in the Fountains of Roseville, the Yard House is a perfect fit. The designers somehow managed to turn this former Smith & Hawkin’s store into a great looking restaurant with one of the biggest bars I’ve seen. Read More, see photos→

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Morgan’s Bar and Grill

The Ro Sham Burgers were at it again and this time we chose to patronize Morgan’s Bar and Grill in East Sac. on the corner of 34th and S. This locally owned watering hole boasts house made, slow cooked BBQ, quality hamburgers, and of course an ample selection of brew. I must say the RSB’s were surprised (in a good way) on several accounts during our visit.

First, their beer selection more than met our strict standards. Two beverages of choice were the Deschutes Brewing Companies “Mirror Pond Pale Ale” and Lagunitas “Lil’ Sumpin.” Both brews were refreshing and a excellent change-up from the standard go-to, Sierra Nevada. All in all the RSB’s give Morgan’s credit for having some variety on tap. Cheers! (more…)

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Suzie Burger

Suzie BurgerSuzie should be lumped in with the other chain cafe’s of it’s caliber, Habit, 5 Guys, etc, but this one is the original. Not that they have any other locations, but it is owned by the 33rd Street Bistro company. Apparently their used to be a Suzies in Land Park, and two brothers wanted to recreate the burgers of their past. So, they converted 1960′s Orbit/Philips 66 Gas Station (Googie Architecture), complete with roll-up doors into their ideal burger stand. Good for them to turn this dump that used to be a LubeStop into something nice.
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