Lagunitas IPA

The Counter

The Counter Burger Bar is located in the Fountains in Roseville. The RSB’s had been talking about this stop on our burger tour for quite a while. Last week the stars finally came into alignment and we found ourselves on that end of town (according to my phone we were in a whole new time zone), and it sure felt like a long drive from Downtown Sacramento area. First walking into the restaurant it looked clean and well kept. We were quickly seated at an outside table by our friendly host. Next we had to try to navigate through the lengthy and very confusing menu/checkbox order sheet. Choose your meat, choose your burger size, choose your cheese(s), choose your toppings (approx 20 choices), choose your premium toppings, choose your sauce (another huge list of choices), choose your bread, choose your side…(how many more choices do I have to make?). Maybe I’ll just stick with a signature burger…or…I can’t make one more choice. Ok maybe a beer choice.

Bacon Swiss Guacamole

After all was said and done I got my burger exactly the way I ordered it...well almost.  I think you might notice there is no guacamole, which is a premium topping that you would pay extra for if the person reading the confusing menu card had noticed I had checked the guacamole box.  Apparently the menu system even confuses some of the help.  All in all a good burger, checked it off the list. I don't think I need to go back!  If you love alot of choices, you should give it a try!

Control: Bacon Chee

With so many choices in front of me, I ran to safety, Bacon Cheeseburger. I must say, the large mound of bacon was much appreciated. Cheese was cheddar, the bun was standard. This is the nearly the most basic burger one could create. It was cooked perfectly - medium-rare. Definitely, tasty, definitely middle of the road. Kudos to the waiter for letting us have a "frings" basket of fries and rings, also very good.

Bacon mushroom w/gourmet cheese

With a ridiculous amount of options, I chose to be safe and creative all at the same time.   First I went with the pretzel bun which was fantastic and a perfect complement to my superbly cooked medium rare patty.  I safely went with bacon topping and went out on the edge again for the horseradish  cheese(also an excellent choice).  All in all my burger was fantastic and I look forward to my next Counter encounter.


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Pizza Rock

I know what you’re thinking…”Why would RSB go to a pizza place to review burgers?”  Well it’s an easy answer, Pizza Rock serves more than just great pizza!  Located at 1020 K st, downtown Sacramento, this place is very awesome!  From the dj booth in the sky (inside a Peterbilt truck cab hanging from the ceiling), to the extensive beer and wine selection and cocktails, a totally rockin sound system, a very spacious patio out front, to some of the friendliest staff that RSB has encountered.  We chose to sit out on the patio to enjoy the wonderful July weather we are having, and promptly started off with a Pizza Romana #II as an appetizer and it was Deeelicious!  We did wash that down with some quality beer! Next, it was on to the burgers, and WOW did we enjoy them.  We will be back for sure!
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The Yard House – Roseville

The Yard House breaks the “Non-Chain” rule, but the draw of 140 beers on tap was too powerful to resist! Located in the Fountains of Roseville, the Yard House is a perfect fit. The designers somehow managed to turn this former Smith & Hawkin’s store into a great looking restaurant with one of the biggest bars I’ve seen. Read More, see photos→

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Russian River Pub

ROAD TRIP!!! Nothing says good times and great beers like a good ole fashioned road trip. Since one of our RSB’s was turning the spry age of 40 this weekend, we were off on a quest for an awesome burger not located in the Sacramento region. Our journey took us to the Russian River Pub in Forestville, CA. Guy Feiri recently featured this roadside pub on his show DDD. As we sat down on their outdoor seating area we were cheerfully greeted by the owner and waitress. Read More, see photos→

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Capitol Garage

Capitol Garage Bacon CheddarThe fact that the RoShamBurger bro’s ended up at Capitol Garage because of an unexpected and unfortunate closure of a scheduled stop on the tour, soon became a non-issue after an ice cold draft beer.  Cheerfully greeted by our waitress, who was very helpful with items not listed on the menu for the little RoShammer, also recommended the Jack and Blue Burger(Jack Daniels sauteed mushrooms and onions with Gorgonzola crumbles) which was enjoyed by my two burger bro’s, I stuck with the control burger.  All of the burgers came out perfectly cooked (medium rare) one with onion rings, which were very well cooked and tasty, and the others with fries seasoned with a special Capitol Garage mix of season salt, fresh cracked pepper, garlic powder, and sugar! VERY YUMMY! I washed all that yumminess down with an IPA from Lagunitas (Petaluma).  Read More→
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