Going Back

Firestone Public House

After a long hiatus, we are back!  It’s not that we haven’t been eating burgers, I just haven’t been doing my share, but enough about that.

Our latest outing was in Downtown Sacramento at Firestone Public House which opened in May 2012 at the corner of 16th and L.  They have about 20 large screen tv’s mounted all around the restaurant and about 60 different beers on tap.  Even though it took us a while to be seated, once we sat down we were pleasantly greeted and ordered our beers and also some wings to get us started.  The wings were very tasty and came served with chopped celery covered with blue cheese crumbles.  
After enjoying the wings we ordered our burgers. We all ordered the Firestone Burger just with different toppings, but all ordered at the same temperature (medium rare). When our burgers showed up we were very pleased with the way they were cooked, a juicy medium rare. The buns were nicely toasted and the produce was fresh and tasty, also liked the tanginess of the special sauce! Although the patty seemed to lack flavor, overall the burger was very tasty! The beer selection is tasty as well. We will be back for sure!

Bacon, Cheddar and Waffle fries

Bacon, Gruyere and Shoestring fries

Bacon, Gruyere, Mushrooms and Waffle fries

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River Rock Tap House

Third times a charm one can hope. The River Rock is located in the building that used to be occupied by ill-fated Taco Loco and the confusing Tex-Mex. This concept is simple, tried and true – pub food and beer. The key though, is good pub food and good beer, and River Rock seems to have figured this out.

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BEER: River Rock claims to have over 40 beers on tap, but two of the three IPA’s up for consideration were out. I will commend them on having a great list of brews, including Green Flash and Wipe Out, would love to see some Stone brews here as well. Fortunately, no matter your beer style preference, you probably will find something you like.

River Rock only serves two burgers, Classic and the Guinness. The Classic is served dry, with red onion and tomato. Usual add-ons are available for $1 each.

Bacon and Blue

Classic Rock Burger: Essentially the control burger, BUT this one had Pt. Reyes Bleu Cheese and apple wood smoked bacon. Of course it was ordered medium-rare, and of course it came out a perfect... medium -- dam. The bun, classically called the "Signature Bun" was good, but would have been better slightly warmed or toasted. The cris-cut fries were fantastic! All in all, a good basic pub burger.

Classic with Guac

Classic Rock Burger: Guac this way.  This burger patty alone was definitely overcooked. I ordered the usual medium-rare and I hope they were going for medium-well because they nailed it!  However the good news is I didn't just have the patty, the guacamole was very tasty and very moist.  The tomatoes were fresh, lettuce was crisp, all adding enough moisture to make it a great burger.  I will definitely be back for another burger and this time I will ask them to toast the bun.  (and shoot for medium-rare)

Guinness Burger

Guinness Burger: Details

On paper this burger read like the greatest thing since bacon.  Unfortunately, I was left disappointed.  My burger was ordered medium rare and delivered a disgraceful well done.  In addition to the over cooked patty the bun was cold and the quality of meat was suspect.   Whew!  Now that I got that off my chest, lets talk about the positives.  The over-medium egg was a welcomed addition by adding much needed moisture and it was a perfect complement to the excellent homemade  Guinness gravy.  Hopefully the  chef was just having a bad day because the potential of this burger is outstanding.   Due to the delicious criss-cut fries and outstanding appetizers, I trust they will make the improvements needed for it to be Ro sham worthy.

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Pizza Rock

I know what you’re thinking…”Why would RSB go to a pizza place to review burgers?”  Well it’s an easy answer, Pizza Rock serves more than just great pizza!  Located at 1020 K st, downtown Sacramento, this place is very awesome!  From the dj booth in the sky (inside a Peterbilt truck cab hanging from the ceiling), to the extensive beer and wine selection and cocktails, a totally rockin sound system, a very spacious patio out front, to some of the friendliest staff that RSB has encountered.  We chose to sit out on the patio to enjoy the wonderful July weather we are having, and promptly started off with a Pizza Romana #II as an appetizer and it was Deeelicious!  We did wash that down with some quality beer! Next, it was on to the burgers, and WOW did we enjoy them.  We will be back for sure!
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Morgan’s Bar and Grill

The Ro Sham Burgers were at it again and this time we chose to patronize Morgan’s Bar and Grill in East Sac. on the corner of 34th and S. This locally owned watering hole boasts house made, slow cooked BBQ, quality hamburgers, and of course an ample selection of brew. I must say the RSB’s were surprised (in a good way) on several accounts during our visit.

First, their beer selection more than met our strict standards. Two beverages of choice were the Deschutes Brewing Companies “Mirror Pond Pale Ale” and Lagunitas “Lil’ Sumpin.” Both brews were refreshing and a excellent change-up from the standard go-to, Sierra Nevada. All in all the RSB’s give Morgan’s credit for having some variety on tap. Cheers! (more…)

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Clubhouse 56

The Ro Sham Burgers decided it was time to do a little  multi-tasking.  With the NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Giants and A’s  games all going on at the same time, patronizing a local sports bar that is well known for its awesome burgers and brew became the obvious choice.  Clubhouse 56 had been on our burger radar for quite some time now and this night was the perfect opportunity for us to check out this neighborhood watering hole and eatery.
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Relish Burger Bar

With the weather being so nice, and all of us available, we decided to take a trek up to ElDorado Hills and check out Relish Burger Bar.

The Burger Bar sits in the corner of a typical up-scale looking mini mall. The outdoor patio, perched above Latrobe and White Rock Road, looks really nice. Unfortunately, there was a Blues band playing out there. Too bad, we really wanted to enjoy the sun.  It’s not that we don’t like Blues, but we do like to be able to talk to each other without yelling. (I am not old!)

Inside, Relish is a cross between a diner and a nice restaurant, booths lining the wall and tables within. We pulled up a table for 6 (and a half), so our waitress had her work cut out for her.

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MonkeyPod, Maui

Every once in a while you gotta spread your wings and fly, to Hawaii that is. On a recent trip to Maui, we got the opportunity to check out a new restaurant, MonkeyPod. Located in pricey Wailea, Monkeypod is another excellent spin-off from Merriman.

When we arrived it was only the second day that they were open, so we expected a few hiccups. Read More, see photos→

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I had never heard of Gatsby’s, but that’s why we RoShamBurger – to discover new places. Looking at their website, I gained little info, other than its loose ties to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby by way of roaring 20′s inspired art.

Entering the diner, it wreaked of burgers (which is a good thing). I soon discovered why, in the middle of the dining area were two teppan grills normally reserved for Beni Hanna’s and the like. But instead of flipping shrimp into chef hats, they were cooking burgers to order on the large griddles. Read More→

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Capitol Garage

Capitol Garage Bacon CheddarThe fact that the RoShamBurger bro’s ended up at Capitol Garage because of an unexpected and unfortunate closure of a scheduled stop on the tour, soon became a non-issue after an ice cold draft beer.  Cheerfully greeted by our waitress, who was very helpful with items not listed on the menu for the little RoShammer, also recommended the Jack and Blue Burger(Jack Daniels sauteed mushrooms and onions with Gorgonzola crumbles) which was enjoyed by my two burger bro’s, I stuck with the control burger.  All of the burgers came out perfectly cooked (medium rare) one with onion rings, which were very well cooked and tasty, and the others with fries seasoned with a special Capitol Garage mix of season salt, fresh cracked pepper, garlic powder, and sugar! VERY YUMMY! I washed all that yumminess down with an IPA from Lagunitas (Petaluma).  Read More→
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Spin Burger Bar

The Ro Sham Burgers visited Spin, Sacramento‘s newest gourmet burger joint owned by the 33rd st, Bistro co..  The RSB’s were impressed with the quality beer selection(not diverse, just quality) which included Racer 5 IPA and the local Monkey Knife Fight.  Once we were all satisfied with our quenching beverage, we indulged ourselves with a unique twist on a Southern favorite(deep fried pickles).    The dill pickles came lightly battered and were accompanied with a delicious sriracha ranch dipping sauce.  Now that we were off to a fantastic start, it’s time to “talk burger.”  The usual was ordered, bacon and white cheddar cheese burger, as well as a bison burger.  All burger were ordered correctly…medium rare, of course.
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