Cafe’ Capricho

The RSB’s have have often taken flavor and medical risks the average burger lover cowers to, but I have to say this may have been the ultimate burger risk.   “How…,” “Why…,” “Are you guys crazy…?” All are excellent questions and I must confess we were questioning ourselves on this great taste adventure as well.  Sure we’ve eaten Kangaroo, lion, emu, buffalo, but one thing we’ve never had until our epic visit was a burger at a Mexican tacqueria.  I know, crazy huh!   Truth is one of our nacho loving friends gave us a burger tip and recommended Cafe’ Capricho.  Needless to say, our burger curiosity was peaked and thats all it took.  We had to go and taste it for ourselves.    Believe it or not Cafe’ Capricho offered a respectable four burgers, onion rings, and three different types of fries.  The environment is that of a traditional Tacqueria.  We ordered up front at a counter and were given a number to put on our self-seated table.   Service staff was very friendly and helpful.  The predictable mexican beers were offered on draft and they had several bottled beers to choose from including an RSB favorite, Lagunitas IPA.

Bacon Blue, Avocado

I ordered the Bacon, blue cheese, avocado, and caramelized onion burger.   I made one alteration and asked for fresh red onion instead of caramelized.  They gladly obliged.  Although the girl at the registered didn't ask how I wanted my burger cooked, I asked for it to be cooked medium rare. I also ordered the chili oil and blue cheese fries as well.   My burger was cooked to perfection, and it had good quality bacon as well as a half of an avocado on top.  Believe it or not, this taqueria is on my top five favorite burger spots this far.  Only knock is that the bleu cheese fries were hot but lacked flavor.  BTW- not only was my burger fantastic, it was a bargain at $5.95.  If you love good burgers and the smell of cilantro and refried beans, this is the place for you!

Jack Burger with Bacon

Cafe Caprichio Bacon AvoI went to the counter with every intention of ordering a cheeseburger and adding bacon to it. But it was suggested to me that I order the Jack Burger with Bacon, hold the Jack, substitute it for cheddar, hold the jalapeños and red onions, then swap the special mayo for regular mayo...Yay, I saved a $1.30!

When my burger did finally arrive, I was greeted with a mound of avocado, way more than the $1.30's worth I saved on bacon. Then my fellow RSB's asked how it was cooked. With the rush of changes, I forgot to order it medium-rare.  Oh no! Despite being overcooked, my burger was delicious. The amount of fresh produce was amazing, the bun was slightly toasted, but the meat was dried bad.

Next time, I'll keep it simple. Or better yet Cafe Caprichio, how 'bout putting a bacon chee burger on the menu?

Another Jack Burger w/Bacon and Avocado

I ordered mine with jalapenos on the side, and asked for medium rare. I received exactly what I ordered and then some! The huge mound of avocado is an awesome compliment to a perfectly cooked burger. Bacon was crisp, bun was nicely toasted, tomato was ripe and juicy, lettuce was crisp! Burger was awesome. The onion rings were great, the fries lacked some flavor.  Overall great service and Lagunitas IPA in the bottle, I'm sure we will be back soon.


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