5 Guys Burgers

The Ro Sham Burgers visited 5 Guys hungry and thirsty. Burgers were good old diner style with an east coast flair. The pros are…… they offer more toppings than I can list and cons are… NO BEER. The fries were excellent, homemade and come in regular and spicy. Burgers are best here togo because… did I mention NO BEER.

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  • deandrea26

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  • http://roshamburger.wordpress.com roshamburger

    Going to 5guys tonight for the usual bacon cheese special with the spicy fries. And yes, it’s to go because the beer is in my fridge.

  • Doosh McGuilicutty

    These types of places definitely make a good burger, but it’s hard to distinguish between 5 Guys, Smash, and Habit. I would bet that the original versions of all 3 are fantastic, but I don’t think it translates to a chain. I see you, Squeeze Inn, you’re not far behind this trend yourself.
    No brew, No Good.

    • Phillip M Ybelly

      I have been to Smash, Habit and 5 Guys, and personally I think Habit is the better of those chain types of burger joints, plus, I also like a cold beer with my burger. Boo for this place!