Russian River Pub

ROAD TRIP!!! Nothing says good times and great beers like a good ole fashioned road trip. Since one of our RSB’s was turning the spry age of 40 this weekend, we were off on a quest for an awesome burger not located in the Sacramento region. Our journey took us to the Russian River Pub in Forestville, CA. Guy Feiri recently featured this roadside pub on his show DDD. As we sat down on their outdoor seating area we were cheerfully greeted by the owner and waitress.

Immediately(of course) we were impressed with their selection of local beers and quickly settled on Lagunitas IPA, Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA, and Widmer Hefeweizen. Once our thirst was quenched we focused on the menu. All but one person in our group ordered a medium rare bacon cheeseburger and the lone stray did her best to participate and ordered the turkey burger and onion rings. Burgers arrived in the appropriate amount of time and looked delicious. Shockingly, even the turkey burger looked good. Fortunately for my wife, who ordered the turkey burger, loved it and said it was juicy, flavorful, and one of the best turkey burgers she’s ever had. Unfortunately for the rest of us, our medium rare burgers were cooked well done. The burgers were still ok and of course the excellent beer help us forgive the chef. Outside of the over cooked patty, the produce and bun were excellent. The fries and onion rings were also good but not special enough to note any further.

I do believe it is important to mention the service. The waitress and also owner was outstanding. She was she an excellent server, but most importantly she was engaging, a rare quality in the turn’em and burn’em restaurant world of today. Despite the over-cooked burgers, I will be back to try their famous chicken wings and garlic fries. Thanks for the good times Russian River Pub!

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